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Chasing Meaning

Everyone I have ever met would benefit to know the answer to this question:

"Where can I find meaning and significance in life?" 

We attempt to answer this question and find meaning and purpose for our lives in countless ways:

  • Through bragging on social media, hoping that 'likes' and comments will make us feel important and valued
  • By having short-term relationship after short-term relationship, hoping that another person will validate us and give us a sense of worth
  • Constantly trying to reflect a bigger bank account than we actually has
  • Gossiping in an effort to tear others down, and thus feel better about ourselves

And on and on and on and on....

Centuries ago, the answer to the same question was sought and an answer was given.

We begin this week a study in the book of Ecclesiastes entitled "Chasing Meaning". We will watch the author of the book chase meaning in many different ways and see where he can find true contentment, meaning, and purpose.

Three things I have been blown away by my study of this book so far:

1) It is amazing how similar this is to our present day. The author tried to fill his life with the same things, apart from God, that we do, and he, too finds them to be meaningless.

2) The clarity of the book adds to its profundity. It reminds me of Proverbs where there is clarity and power in the illustrations to answer the questions he asks.

3) It lines up beautifully with the rest of Scripture. The message of the Bible is God's love for His people through Jesus Christ and that true fulfillment is found in Him and Him alone.

The Book of Ecclesiastes screams that message in powerful ways. I can't wait to dive in with you! Before Sunday, take a moment and read chapter 1 to get better prepped.

It will be worth it.

See you Sunday!