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Big News - 2 New Series kicking off!

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A new year brings us two new series kick-offs walking through different books of the Bible! See below for details on the new sermon series and also two in-person studies that both kick off this week!

One of my favorite things is walking through books of the Bible and understanding how these ancient truths intersect with our lives today. A second favorite thing of mine is helping others see the same. I'm pretty pumped right now, as we have two new opportunities to do that starting this week!

*New Sermon Series*
Truth be Told: Telling Fact from Fiction in 2021
A Study of Second Peter

2 Peter is written during a time when the Christians needed to discern truth from error because the culture was presenting several 'truth options' that seemed compelling but were clearly not all true. Sound familiar? But how could Christians know what was true and what was falsehood masquerading as truth? Let's learn together the discernment and nuance needed to understand truth from error, in a time when it is sorely needed. Click here to let us know you are coming, or we will see you online!

*Weekly Bible Studies*
1-3 John

We have two Bible studies kicking back off this week, and if you are able to meet in person, I'd encourage you to jump on in! The men meet 7-8 AM on Tuesdays and the women meet 9-10 AM on Wednesdays. If you have not been, it is easy! We just show up to Fellowship Hall a few minutes before and bring a Bible! We have tables spread out and you can remove your mask at your seat if you like. We have people there that know the Bible well, and some that are very new to the Bible - everyone is welcome. The three little letters of John near the end of our Bibles get back to the core of our faith: our imperfection but the absolute perfection of the divine Son of God who came to bring a joy that we can find no place else. I can't wait to dig into that together.

See you soon!

P.S. - The text for this week's message is 2 Peter 1:1-11.