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Weekly Emails

Bible Studies this Week!


Many of you have asked about in-person Bible studies, and I'm thrilled to let you know that they are kicking off this Wednesday!

Please sign up so we can plan accordingly, but we have PLENTY of space. These are also all 'open' Bible studies meaning that you can start them any time, and make the weeks you can, miss the weeks you must, start a few weeks in, whatever your schedule allows.


We are going to be starting a new series together in the worship services called "Our Living Hope" right out of 1 Peter, verse-by-verse. These Bible studies will give even more depth into that great New Testament book and help you handle the Word of God on your own.

If you are pretty experienced with your Bible or a total novice, these Bible study times are for you. Our desire is to create a safe, challenging environment to help you make your next faithful step in understanding God and His Word.

Come to Fellowship Hall, bring a comfy folding chair from your house (though we have some if you want to use one we have), and don't forget your Bible and pen!

See you soon!