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Because of YOU

Paul says an odd, yet wonderful thing in Galatians 1:24 in reference to some church attenders in Judea whom he had never met face-to-face. Though they had never seen him, they sure knew about him! They said, "He who used to persecute the faith is now preaching the faith he once tried to destroy" (Gal 1:23).

Picture that: The one who would have previously given his life to dismantle the faith would now be willing to give his life to defend it.

But the next verse is my favorite:
"And they glorified God because of me." (Gal 1:24)

In context, Paul has given all the credit and glory to God already. Everything was about "Him", not "him". But this statement makes it clear that God was using Paul to give Himself glory. What a privilege for Paul. To think that the Creator of the universe has a plan for people to participate in things that last, that matter, and bring real meaning to our lives: Real freedom, real purpose, real life!

I am always wanting to make sure I am not living for something too small. Am I ever caught up in living the good life here in the mountains? Having a job at a great church with great people, etc?

That is why one of the first things I have did when we first came to Rockland was to make sure to see some of the ministries we have supported. That's why I am heading to Tanzania in several weeks, and why I went to Romania a few months ago. These remind me of ways that I can have an impact that ultimately brings glory to God.

I am ready to participate in my first 'Hearts for Romania' dinner this February. (Details and RSVP below.) There are opportunities to give if you like, but just being there an hearing about what the Lord is doing will no doubt re-kindle your love for His people.

A couple quick answers to questions you may have:
It is a fundraiser - do I have to donate?
Absolutely not. This is a fun night with dinner out that will be a blast, be great fellowship, and you'll be able to hear about the ministry in Romania. There are zero strings attached!

I've never been a part of the Romania Ministry. Can I get involved?
Of course. We are always looking for new people with new ideas, new energy, and a way to carry this ministry on to the next generation.

If this particular ministry in Romania is not the one that triggers your heart, what is? Don't sit still! What might YOU engage in that will enable another to give glory to God for what He has done in your life?

Figure out how God is calling YOU to fill in this blank:

"____________ glorified God because of me."