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A Summer as a Kid!

Our Living Hope

There are still spots at the services this weekend, so go to our website to signup! If you have any problems getting signed up to be a part of the services, reach out to us and we'd be glad to help.

As summer comes to a close and kids head back to school (sort of), another big 'thank you' to Shirley Johnson and the Kids Team for putting together this Digital Chimes article for us about God working through our kids this summer!

LoriFThe Kids & Family Ministry staff and volunteers look forward to VBS all year long. We plan, prepare, pray, and gear up for a building TEEMING with children, laughter, praise, joy, and the Word. But then there was COVID, so there wasn’t VBS as planned.  And that was a bummer. But COVID does not stop children, laughter, praise, joy or the Word of God, so the Kids’ and Family Ministry got a little creative (it’s what we’re known for after all), embraced the ‘pivot’ that has become so popular and important these days, and just went ahead with the fun and the kids and the joy and the Word anyhow! 
This summer we offered three different mini-camps for elementary school-aged kids so they could ‘Get Out(side) and Dig In(to the Bible)’ and two different ‘Wonder-full Wednesday’ mini-caps for preschoolers- all right here on the lawn at Rockland! We had LOTS of hands-on, high energy, Spirit-filled FUN! And for those not yet ready to gather, we offered BOLT VBS – a take-home, parent-led VBS with all of the fun, games, prayer, and music of traditional VBS; but ready to do right in your own backyard. 
The first week of camp, we found ‘The World in the Wilderness’ as we hiked and went on a nature scavenger hunt with our elementary school-aged kids, then stood in awe of God’s creation with King David as we dug into Psalm 8. While the older kids headed out and about to discover God’s glory, the preschoolers stuck close to Rockland and used magnifying glasses to find the Lord’s work in the smallest bugs and blooms right here in our own gardens.  By the end of that camp, all of the kids were elbow deep in that day’s theme of ‘Dirt, Bugs & Jesus.’ Week two of camp had us ‘Soaked in the Spirit’ and soaked with water balloons as we sat with Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well with our elementary school-aged kids. And in week three when we read Luke 5 and learned how the paralyzed man exploded with joy after being forgiven and healed, well…. We were ‘Wowed by the Word’ and made some things explode too! 
Families participating in BOLT VBS were provided with bags full of all of the supplies needed for crafts and games to ensure that their experience was easy, fun, and successful. Each bag sent out was packed with love and prayers – and the responses and photos shared with the Kids Ministry staff in return were full of joy and the Spirit at work! 
This summer, kids participating in our programs socially distanced. They wore masks. We followed all of the guidelines to keep our kids, volunteers, and staff safe.  More importantly, however, we gathered. We reconnected and studied the Bible. We had powerful and insightful conversations about faith in these crazy times and we prayed.  Without a doubt, this was not the summer that we prepared or planned for but, without a doubt, we saw the Lord at work, and for that, we give praise and thanks!Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 5.40.02 PM

Reminder about weekly adult Bible studies:
There are two Bible studies in-person and one online
(that can be accessed at any time if you can't make it live)

Hope to see you there!