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A Personal Testimony of Living Hope

Our Living Hope Title

As many of you might know, June 19th was the day I was to walk my daughter down the aisle at Rockland and then perform her wedding. Due to COVID-19, Aimee’s wedding has been rescheduled to October.

Ed LangeRecently, Michelle and I connected with Aimee and her fiancé Josh (with the proper social distancing of course). During a moment of private conversation, Aimee expressed her sadness to me. After a few more comments, my daughter then said something like this: “Daddy, I know that the Lord has even something better for Josh and me in October.”  
“That’s right Aimee, that’s right,” I thought to myself.
Later that afternoon, Josh and I took a walk. He told me how sad he was regarding the passing of June 19th. Then he told me that he believed that the Lord had something even more wonderful planned for my daughter and him.  
“That’s right Josh, that’s right,” I thought to myself.
As I reflected on both conversations, I was struck by this thought: our hope is not built on a day (a wedding day in June in my case). Instead, my hope is built on the One who breathed that day into being long ago! “That’s right Eddie, that’s right,” I said to myself.
COVID-19 has caused many events to be canceled and rescheduled. However, it has not canceled my HOPE IN JESUS! Even in the case of my daughter’s wedding.
If you are wondering, I am so looking forward to walking my daughter down the aisle in October (and then performing her wedding). And if anyone has an extra box of Kleenex…
Now may the Lord of Life bless you and yours with an extra dose of His Hope in all that you are experiencing!


Bible Studies Tomorrow!

We have three Bible studies tomorrow (all the same content) in Fellowship Hall led by Pastor Jim. If you have not signed up, you can do so on our website to help us know who to expect, or just show up. See you there!

7-8 AM - Men's Study
9-10 AM - Everyone
7-8 PM - Everyone