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#RoxWin and Victory in Christ

I feel sorry for my kids' teachers today.


Last night, Nikki and I stayed up to watch the Rockies/Cubs Wild Card game (and postgame) until after midnight. My kids will be exhausted all day because she was a bad parent and allowed them to stay up until midnight to watch with us, despite my protests to send them to bed at a reasonable hour. (At least that is how I remember it. Don't fact-check that.

What a night!

The Rockies played the Cubs at Wrigley Field in Chicago, making it their third game in three days in three different time zones. It was the longest win-or-go-home playoff game in Major League Baseball's 115-year history.

Most games last 9 innings and 3 hours.
This one lasted 13 innings and 5 hours.

The Rockies got one of their two runs in the 1st inning and didn't get the other one until the 13th inning.

Most games see about 6-8 total pitchers on the mound between the two teams combined. This one had 13.

Usually, you rely on your superstars to make big plays to win the game. last night,the game-winning-RBI was made by the Rockies' third catcher.

My heart rate is normally well within the normal range when resting. Last night it was 42,645 beats per minute.

It was a great night and tons of fun, though I do feel bad for the Cubs today. They just lost two home games in a row in the post-season. The visiting locker room reeks of champagne today from the Rockies and the Brewers the night before.

As a pastor and sports fan, three things came to mind from the game last night that we should remember for our Christian lives today:

1) Remember to not do life alone. Watching the victory was so much sweeter that I shared it with Nikki and the kids then if she had gone to bed and I stayed up to pace the house and chew my fingernails to the bone on my own. The highs in life are higher when we are with others that recognize them as such. It makes me grateful for those in my small group at my house. The highs we share in Christian community (since we all value them as 'highs' or 'victories') will be all the sweeter when we partner up in Christian community.

2) Remember the power of pulling together. Watching a team of 9 people at a time playing together to win and having an unlikely hero hit the game-winning shot reminds me of the Church. I've often used the image of the Church as a big row boat where everyone grabs an oar and we pull together. What we accomplish together can be far more significant than what we accomplish in isolation. I was so glad this last Sunday we had almost 90 people say they wanted more information about serving at Rockland! Our row boat just got heavier and I'm glad because I know that the exponential power of WE is more than the limited power of ME.

3) Remember that there is more to life than baseball. Very few people remember who won the Wild Card games last year. Life goes on and only the things of God last for eternity. Enjoy baseball, but get caught up and obsessed with things of eternity, not things of this earth.

When we remember these three things, the enemy trembles.

The good news is, we don't need to have our lives be nail-biters. We already know who wins, and it's not even close.

See you Sunday!