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Archives for February 2021

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I Am What I Am?

John Newton (1725-1807),most famous for writing "Amazing Grace", was once a captain of slave ships until he became an abolitionist. A few years before hedied, he and a friend were sitting down together at breakfast as they frequently did. The two of them had acustom of reading from the Bible after they ate. This particular time was at a point in Newton's life where his ...

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What is Truth worth?

We have been exploring the concept of truth and where it derives from, and I have made the comment in the worship services, "How True is Truth?" Now, on the surface, that is a pretty silly comment. If something is true it is true. If it is not true, it is not true. Period.The point behind asking that is to call us to examine our faith and the depths of our beliefs. Mayb...

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A Good Reminder from an Unlikely Source

The other day, I sat down to noodle around on my phone and ended up watching all of Avengers: Age of Ultron, because.....I use my time wisely? It's your typical, classicstory about a God of Thunder, Incredible Hulk, a man in an iron suit,a guy who's really good with a bow and arrow, and a bunch of other superheroes taking on a computer program that comes to life and mak...

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