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Happy Thanksgiving, Rockland!

Have you ever heard of a man namedEdward Winslow,one of the"unsung heroes" of Thanksgiving Day? It is fascinating how influential this man has been, yet no one seems toknowmuch about him.He was the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 11th governor of Plymouth Colony in addition to being chosenby the people in the early Plymouth settlement astheir first liaison to London.According to the...

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Advent Details for Rockland!

Worshiping in-person this weekend? ClickHEREto let us know you are coming!Joining us online?Click below to watch on Facebook, YouTube or directly through at 9:30. -------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT YOU NEED TOKNOW THIS WEEK! -Advent Information!Advent starts this Sunday, November 29th! During Advent, all th...

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Quick, Important, Christmas, Video Update  

Click the link above for an under 3-minute video update about Advent by Pastor Jim! Advent is upon us! Click the video to get some key details on three ways we are celebrating this Advent season through: Worship services (identical music and orders of worship) 8:00AM - Masks the whole service 9:30AM - Kids Ministry 11:00AM - Kids and Student Ministry Devoti...

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What is "Stewardship", Anyway? (VIDEO)

What is "stewardship" and what does it meanfor you and your family? Pastor David gives a succinct, biblical summary of stewardshipin theten-minute video (below). Check it out! This is the time of year when we ask all those who consider Rockland"home" toprayerfully consider their financialsupport of Rockland for the coming year. The way our staff and eldersdiscern what God...

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Show Me Who You Are

Have you ever met someone who tells you they are a Christian and you surprised? I have. It quickly becomes a combination of disappointment, anger and awkwardness. Christians are called to demonstrate the love of Christ by what we do. The famous artist, Paul Gustave Dore was once traveling between European countriesand he lost his passport. (Passports wererequired to be s...

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Important Note for the Rockland Family

Friends, Many of you heard this morning during our worship services in-person or online about Lori Fullmer's recent cancer diagnosis. Belowis a note she sent to her Kids Ministry deacon team and that I sent to the elders. I feel it's best for you to hear from her in her own words. Good morning, kids' team We wanted to share some news with you...I was recently diagnosed w...

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Update for Sunday, and pre-election prayer

In case you missed it lastSunday, I shared our plans to reach as many people in safe andmeaningful ways as possible at our worship services!Here is what our services for next week (Nov. 8th)will look like: 8:00 AM - extra precautions takenWe will be wearing masks the entire service with attendance limited to 50 people.We are excited about offering this opportunity to our ...

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Sunday (11/1): 10 Post-Election Predictions and Psalm 24

A FEW QUICK NOTES FOR SUNDAY! This Sunday, we will talk about how Christians can think and act Biblically before, during, and after the election. I will be laying out 10 predictions for the days ahead and giving us a place we can find rest for our souls from Psalm 24.We are also going to try to announce our plans for worship the week after in this ever-changing time of CO...

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