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Archives for February 2019

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Yes. You Matter.

I know it is difficult to be honest, but let's try for a moment. At some point, all of us have had a nagging question in the back of our mind: "Does my life even matter?" I assume you have wondered that.I have. Imagine the person whospends his entire life bettering society only to find out at the end that the needle was only moved a tiny bit. Or knowing that the next gene...

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The Best Book You've Never Read

I hear all the time from Christians how hard it is to be a believer in the times we now find ourselves. I am not disagreeing, but I am also wanting to keep perspective. Even when I was growing up (just a few short years ago since I am so very young), being a Christian was culturallynormal. In fact, in most churches and ministries where I served, wehad to fight something c...

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Those in philosophy, sociology, and academiaare uniformly fascinated by the answer to one question: "Who are we?" Why do all those differentgroups care to comprehendthis question of ouridentity?Simply put, if you do not know who you are, you have no idea what to do, who you are made to be, what is right and wrong, and what your role is in this big, crazy world. You will b...

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