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Archives for March 2018

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'Passion' Week?

Remember in 2004 the movie that came out called "The Passion of the Christ" and how we all acted like weknew full well what the word "Passion" meant in that context? Whatdoesit mean in thatcontext? What was thePassionof the Christ?When we hear about 'passion'we think of feeling strongly about something, i.e. "I have a passion for sports, my wife, andcupcakes" (not necessa...

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Where is the Joy?

Periodically, members of our elder board will be writing these weekly emails to minister to the congregation. Enjoy this post from Steve Hannah. WHERE IS THE JOY IN OUR LIVES? They say that moneycan't buy happiness.Yeah, sure.Like we believe that, right?Maybe money can't buy happiness, but it can sure buy the things that bring happiness, can't it?Certainly, the w...

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