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Archives for February 2018

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worship, connect, serve, GIVE

"Oh good...a fundraising email." Nope. Not even close. So often, the spiritual discipline of giving isfundraising disguised as Spiritual Formation. I approach the budget of Rockland from a Spiritual Formation perspective and let others way more gifted than I am crunch numbers. I want to help us all be shaped to be more Christlike through how we handle our money. I don't l...

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worship, connect, SERVE, give

We grow in Christ when we Worship, Connect, Serve and Give. Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. I Cor. 12:7 The Greek word for "common Good" (above) is 'sym-phero', where get our word 'symphony'. The idea being that you can have several people playing instrument solos, but when they all play together, it is even more beautiful. Th...

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worship, CONNECT, serve, give

Spiritual growth happens when we worship, connect, serve and give. When it comes to 'connecting', unfortunately, we have today what I call 'cotton candy' relationships. These are relationships that are just connected enough to make you feel full, but not enough to be healthy. Our relationships need to be deep, biblical connections where we are vulne...

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WORSHIP, Connect, Serve, Give

We just had a GREAT Come and Consider class last weekend, and you will be so excited to meet the dozen or so people that will be joining Rockland over the next month! I remember another Come and Consider classwe had about yearand a half ago, and a question came up that I (embarrassingly) couldn't answer very well. The question was: "What do members of Rockland do...

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