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Why Should Rockland Care about Galatians?

The Apostle Paul wasn't writing to us. Or was he? When Paul was writing one of his letters (in this case, Galatians) who did he have in mind? Was he only thinking of the immediate receivers of the letter? Was he thinking about the entire early church? Was he thinking about us here in Rockland in 2017? Did he know that his letter would last this long? As recently as a few...

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Sometimes I ramble...

Three kids bragging about their fathers: First: "My dad's so smart he can talk for one hour on any subject."Second: "My dad's so smart he can talk for two hours on any subject."Third: "My dad's so smart he can talk for three hours and doesn't even need a subject." Does that sound like anyone you know? (Don't email me.) There are some people who tend to be quite verbose. ...

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A Fork in the Road

Yogi Berra was a hall-of-fame catcher and former manager for the New York Yankees, but probably best known for his pithy, confusing, and humorous quotes. Some of my favorites: -"A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore."-"Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical."-"You can observe a lot just by watching."-"Always go to other people's funerals. Otherwise, they won't c...

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Prayer Request and Challenge for Rockland

Ed Lange has been a dear friend to me for this season that we have been serving together, and has been such a true friend and pastor to so many of you for so many years. Recently, I convinced him to put together the following update to send to the congregation concerning some information he has gotten regarding his health. Good Day Rockland! Since early Fall, I have been...

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