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Merry Christmas, Rockland

Infant holy, infant lowlyFor His bed a cattle stallOxen lowing, little knowingChrist, the babe is Lord of all.Swift are winging, angels singingNoels ringing, tidings bringingChrist, the babe is Lord of all. Flocks were sleeping, shepherds keeping,Vigil till the morning newSaw the glory, heard the storyTidings of a gospel true.Thus rejoicing, free from sorrowPraises voicin...

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The LOVE of Christmas (part 2)

When you think of "love" what do you think of? A romantic date? A parent's deep abiding affection for their child? A mushy movie? A thoughtful card? What about in a spiritual context? How often do we think about love in the context of our spiritual lives? My guess is that you are like me and need to fight the temptation 'graduate' from meditating on the love of God. We h...

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The LOVE of Christmas (part 1)

Did you know the Bible has one basic message? Oh sure, it's fun to overcomplicate it. I for one, love to get into the weeds and talk about nitty-gritty details of the faith and theological nuances. But when it comes down to it, the Bible has one basic message. God's love for his people revealed in Jesus Christ. (Now, to be clear, we do not get to make up our own definit...

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Christmas Eve Services

Please join us for one of our five Worship services on Christmas Eve!...

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The JOY of Christmas

I have to confess one of my favorite moments in our worship services is something that no one but me gets to see. All advent, we are inviting all our kids to come forward to watch the advent candle lighting up close. From my unique vantage point, I get to see their faces and watch their eyes completely dialed into this simple tradition and great object lesson of the adven...

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Valuing Education in Tanzania


Maasai Girls Participate in Graduation from MWEDO Girls' Secondary School Four years ago, six Tanzanian girls set their goals to graduate successfully from secondary school with the support of their sponsors from Rockland. Dorcus, Judith, Miriam, Anna, Upendo, and Joyce realized their dream last month as they took part in the graduation ceremony at MWEDO Girls' Secondary ...

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Give and it Will Be Given to You


Pastor Jim wrapped up our sermon series on Rockland's core values on November 4 by teaching on value #4: "Give". Often, this is a topic that people don't care to hear about in church and yet Jesus taught about it extensively. We suppose he had a good reason for doing so. When it came to teaching about giving, this is one of the things Jesus said: "GIVE and it will be giv...

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Middle School/Confirmation Retreat


Recently we took 43 students and adults to the YMCA in Winter Park for an amazing weekend of laughter, joy, worship, and growth. The group of our 6th, 7th and 8th graders all packed into one big cabin for the weekend, and boy was it a blast! We played games, gorged on a bunch of food and took over a whole gym and swimming pool. Most of all we learned about how to trust in...

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Do You Know Mean Street?

Mean Street

What happens when the snow falls, the temperature drops and you are living in your car in the parking lot at Wal-Martand your kids are with you? That is just one of the many problems Mean Street is faced with on a continuous uphill slope when they are involved with Family Rescueand it is family, as 60 percent of the clientele at Mean Street are kids. In the past the averag...

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Pastor Jim Visits the Rock House-Emily's Story


In November, Pastor Jim visited the Rock House for the first time to get a better understanding of its mission and met the Executive Director Cheryl Holmberg, some board members, and spent time with one of the Rock House kids Emily. Jim saw the facility and learned about the programs that the Rock House offers and the goals and philosophy of operation, but the highlight ...

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Powderburn 2017


Powderburn High School Winter Camp - Feb 18-20, 2017...

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