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Annual Meeting February 7, 2021


It’s 2021 and we have a whole new way of doing things. That’s an understatement as we all know! Although there is much that happened at Rockland in the last year we have only a small amount of planned business to cover during the Annual Meeting this year. More than the business of the church we have much to celebrate as we witnessed firsthand the many wonderful ways that God is blessing this church!

This year we will allow members to vote prior to the meeting to be tallied along with the votes that are cast during the live meeting on February 7th. Because those who vote online and watch online will not be present to vote on any new business that is brought up at the meeting we will only vote on the items of new elders, new deacons, and the church budget. Members may of course propose a special meeting for later to vote on any new business. All online votes must be cast prior to Sunday, February 7th.

Annual Meeting Vote

Please take a minute to vote on the presented Elders, Deacons & Budget

Annual Meeting 2021 PDF

Impact Report 2020

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